for luxury goods,
medical engineering
and industry

BARON was founded over 40 years ago in a region with a history of watchmaking, and develops exceptional know-how in bar turning for small high-precision parts for spectacles, luxury goods, medical devices, aerospace and defence.


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a complete offer for the luxury goods industry.
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Small parts,
high precision

In the land of watchmaking, the company leverages a synergy of skills and highly qualified labour to guarantee careful work and quality that is recognised by the most demanding customers.

BARON adds more value to small dimensions and precision through precious materials, worked materials and high-quality service.


At the heart of excellence
in microtechnology

In the watch-making region, the company benefits from synergetic skills and a highly qualified workforce.

Member of Luxe & Tech and the Microtechnology competitiveness cluster, BARON is supported by collaborative partnerships with transfer and research centres that are conducive to the development of innovative and competitive technical solutions.


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Small, precise, precious

Know-how of small dimensions

From the start, the know-how of BARON has been focussed on small parts (below 1 mm if needed).
On that scale, the slightest defect becomes critical, and that is why the company endeavours to obtain flawless surface conditions and precision within a few microns.

Precision work
and high quality standards

Production: a machine base that makes it possible to achieve high precision and repeatability.
Organisation: while retaining the flexibility of a small enterprise, the company applies great discipline in compliance with procedures to obtain the end result expected by the customers from the first part up to the end of the order.

A precious partner

Materials: BARON works with all materials, and is specialised in precious metals.
Products: most of the parts and components are used to make fine luxury objects, spectacles, watch straps, fashion accessories and top-quality leather goods.
Service combining responsiveness, flexibility and reliability.

  • Materials...
  • Products...
  • Service: responsiveness, flexibility and reliability are our watchwords.

Our competencies

Our competencies

  • Conventional and computerised numerically controlled (CNC) bar turning.
  • Mass production with Escomatic.
  • Finishing processes: polishing, heat treatment, surface treatment.
  • Optimised quality control (conventional and optical).

The Baron spirit

The Baron spirit

Our team of qualified professionals is committed to the full satisfaction of our customers.

In the company, training is a major focus and all employees undergo dedicated training to keep pace with advancing technology and develop their careers.

The management system is built on trust, and each employee is asked to take full responsibility to serve the company and its customers.

Join us

Join us


for luxury goods,
medical devices
and other industries
with high technology value

Small parts, high precision

 1 mm to 20 mm

All types of material

  • Titanium, stainless steel, brass, aluminium, plastics etc...
  • Specialised in precious metals, (gold, silver, …).

Main applications

Main applications


Components for spectacles, leather goods, fashion accessories and jewellery (precision screws, bars, pins, clasp components, lock components for bags etc.)


Microcomponents for medical devices (including implantable devices), endoscope components, components for coelioscopy and mini-invasive surgery etc.


Components for connectors, measuring equipment, adjusting screws etc.